Holiday Greetings from Essentially Mint

November 21, 2018


The holiday season is upon us.  That means it is time for tidying up, sprucing up the house and getting ready to entertain.  Thanksgiving is the official kickoff of the yuletide season, followed by Black Friday with lots of shopping deals and preparation for celebrating with family and friends. 

At Essentially Mint, we recognize that there are many ways to express our appreciation and care for those we love.  We have a selection of mint-based gift sets for the holidays to purchase for that special person.  Our scrubs, body butters, lip balms and salts are perfect to replenish and nurture our skin during the impending dry season.  Our selection includes a variety of mint and mint blends to satisfy an array of fragrances for those seeking to energize their bodies in the shower, bathtub or a foot soak.  Take a look at our selection to identify that perfect gift set for someone for the holidays.

Mint is an herb that has many energizing properties.  It is used in a variety of foods, drinks and skin products.  In addition to Essentially Mint items, check out the following:

House hold tip: To spruce up your home and provide a wonderful aroma, add 1 drop of peppermint oil and 2 drops of lavender oil to a cup of boiling hot water or in a potpourri pot and allow the smells to fill your home.  The combination of the refreshing fragrance of mint and the calming senses of lavender will leave you in a place of warmth and relaxation. 

Body care tip: Use some Essentially Mint sugar scrub on your hands, wash, rinse and dry thoroughly.  Then add body butter to more fully moisturize your hand.  Then place a pair of white cotton gloves on your hands.  (Best to do this when going to sleep, but it may be hard to keep gloves on all night) Keep on your hands for at least two hours.  Remove and feel how soft your hands are.  If your hands are extra dry, repeat the next day until you reach the desired smoothness.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Celia and Kathryn